The origin of the Kobe Shipping Group dates back to approximately 60 years ago when Kikuo Tanabe founded Tanabe Koun Co., Ltd. Subsequently, in 1973, Kobe Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. was established. From its inception, the company expanded its operations from dispatching Korean crew members to ship ownership, regular chartering to Japan Mail Steamship Co., Ltd., the enhancement of manning services, and various aspects of ship management.

In 2006, Kobe Shipping Group established Nohide Kousan Co., Ltd., specializing in manning services, providing Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean crew members to domestic ship owners in Japan.

In 2008, the ship management division was spun off, and Kobe Ship Management Co., Ltd. was newly established. The company has been actively exploring new business opportunities by leveraging its ship management expertise.

In 2010, the Kobe Shipping Group constructed its headquarters building, "SeaChrysanth Kobe," in Nada Ward, Kobe City, with the aim of further streamlining its operations.

The parent company, Kobe Shipping Co., Ltd., sold its ship business to a Singaporean entity in 2021 and withdrew from shipowning activities. Nevertheless, it continues to oversee the management division of group companies. In 2022, the company completed the construction of the rental apartment building "SeaChrysanth NishiOkamoto," transitioning into the real estate business.

In April 2023, thanks to the support of all our stakeholders, we celebrated our 50th anniversary since the company's founding.

Looking ahead, the Kobe Shipping Group remains committed to contributing to the development of the shipping industry and the regional development centered around Kobe as a real estate business, while continuing to serve the community as a whole.